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Pigtail Posts

These Lightweight Pigtail Posts offer a convenient temporary fencing solution, perfect for quick and effortless installation. Whether you're using rope or bunting, simply secure one end and effortlessly insert the post into the ground. Then, thread through the unique pigtails until your desired fence length is achieved.

Designed for soft soils and grassy areas like school ovals, sports fields, landscaping projects, and rejuvenation zones, these posts are versatile for various applications requiring cordoning off.

Their white plastic insulation ensures high visibility, making them suitable for farming purposes like strip grazing and electric fencing. Constructed from lightweight spring steel, they are durable yet easy to handle.

UV stabilized for effective insulation, these posts are compatible with both tape and wire fencing. With a sturdy non-welded foot, they provide reliable stability.

Portable and user-friendly, these posts are ideal for fencing larger animals such as cows and horses.