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What is Fence Energizer

  • A fence energizer, also known as an electric fence charger or fencer, is a device that generates and sends electrical pulses through a fence wire. Its primary function is to deliver a non-lethal but memorable electric shock to deter animals from crossing or touching the fence.
  • This helps in containing livestock within a particular area or protecting property from intrusion by wildlife. The energizer ensures that the voltage supplied to the fence is at an appropriate level for effective deterrence while also maintaining safety for both animals and humans.
  • An electric fence energizer serves a dual purpose: it regulates the voltage supply to the fence, ensuring it remains within optimal levels, and enhances overall fencing safety.
  • Powered by a 220-volt mains, a 12 or 9-volt battery, or a rechargeable battery (with optional solar support), the energizer plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the fence system. Often referred to as fence chargers or fencers, these devices vary in output current and power source.