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Circuit Breaker

Function: The circuit breaker serves to safeguard your trolling motor against electrical damage, preventing excessive current and halting power surges to safeguard Amps.

Specification: This breaker switch is compatible with all 12V/48V DC Systems and features a Stud Size of 1/4"-28.

Resettable: Offering two modes—Current overload disconnection and manual disconnection. Once the circuit is restored, the switch automatically resets, allowing the fuse block to be reused without the need for replacing the inline fuse, thus saving your money.

Wide Application: Primarily utilized for safeguarding car audio and Amps, as well as in trucks, boats, RVs, marine vessels, buses, etc. Additionally, it finds applications in battery chargers and DC sound systems.

Installation: Can be surface-mounted or mounted on a panel or firewall. Boasting a water-resistant housing with a protective stud insulator included, it is both splash and dust-proof.